Types of Golf Clubs and Their Purposes


Golf Clubs  pic

Golf Clubs
Image: livestrong.com

Vicky Travlos is a former customer solutions professional at BusinessWeek magazine and an active individual in her free time. Vicky Travlos names golf as one of her leisure activities of choice.

The clubs in a golfer’s bag vary in shaft length, head size, and head angle. The combination of these factors determines the distance and degree of loft with which the ball will travel, and thus they determine which club a golfer will choose in any particular situation.

A driver, also known as a wood, typically produces the greatest distance. Once made of hickory, persimmon, or another wood variety, it now features a light metal alloy or carbon fiber construction. The driver features a large rounded head with a flat bottom and a lower degree of loft, which when combined, allow the driver to generate distance of 200 yards to 350 yards.

Irons have higher degrees of loft as compared to drivers. Higher-numbered irons tend to have the greatest loft and the lowest distance, whereas lower numbers correlate with longer shots and lower arcs.

Wedges have a still greater loft but a shorter distance of travel. They are most suitable for shots that both are 130 yards or fewer to the green and involve escaping from tall grass or other hazards.

Putters have neither a great deal of loft nor the potential for long distances. Instead, they serve to roll the ball in precise paths along the green and come into use in the last stroke or strokes of a particular hole.


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