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Historic Features of Basel Minster

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Basel Minster
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Experienced in advertising and merchandising, Vicky Travlos previously served as a customer solutions/merchandising associate with BusinessWeek Magazine, The McGraw-Hill Companies. In her free time, Vicky Travlos enjoys traveling and has been to Basal, Switzerland, which includes such historic sites as Basler Münster (Basel Minster).

Situated at the top of Münsterhügel (Minster Hill), Basel Minster was originally a Catholic church built of red sandstone from France’s Vosges Mountains between the 9th and 13th centuries. The minster was reconstructed in Gothic style following an earthquake in 1356.

Although the minster’s high altarpiece and many of its painting and other religious furnishings were ruined during the Reformation in 1529, visitors can see some of the remaining artifacts, which were hidden away in the church’s vaulting and are now on display at Basel’s Museum Kleines Klingental. The minster also features the St. Gallus doorway, which has Romanesque stone carvings dating back to the 12th century.

Visitors can access the Basel Minster’s crypt to see the tombs of bishops from the 10th through 13th centuries. Other features that stand out include the tomb of Erasmus of Rotterdam and the 15th-century double cloister, which houses monuments representing five centuries of history.