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The Metropolitan Opera: 135 Years of Opera

Metropolitan Opera pic

Metropolitan Opera
Image: metopera.org

Vicky Travlos has served in management and sales in New York for more than a decade, and possesses a background in political science and merchandising. In addition to her professional work, Vicky Travlos is a staunch supporter of the Metropolitan Opera.

Founded in 1883, the Metropolitan Opera’s first show was Faust, by the French composer Charles Gounod, performed at the original venue at West 39th Street and Broadway. The Met has long been a haven for world-famous musical artists and is proudly called home by many of the country’s most impressive talents. Vocalists like Emma Eames, Enrico Caruso, and Geraldine Farrar became known and spent large parts of their careers with this prodigious opera company.

The contemporary Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center opened in 1966, complete with extensive technological advances. Over the years, countless operatic pieces have been performed, and in the 2017-2018 season, the Metropolitan Opera is presenting more than two dozen shows, including La Boheme, Elektra, Madame Butterfly and The Magic Flute.


Metropolitan Opera to Feature Puccini’s La Boheme

La Boheme pic

La Boheme
Image: metopera.org

A graduate of Hofstra University with a bachelor of arts in political science, Vicky Travlos has experience working with marketing and merchandising campaigns, having most recently executed such programs at The McGraw-Hill Companies’ Businessweek magazine. Outside of work, Vicky Travlos enjoys attending productions at New York’s Metropolitan Opera (the Met), which will show La Boheme from October 2, 2017 through March 10, 2018.

Composed by Giacomo Puccini, La Boheme is set in Paris sometime around 1830 and tells the story of young Bohemian artists as they deal with the ups and downs of love. The tale also brings to light the meaning in life’s minor details, from such objects as an overcoat to an unexpected meeting with a neighbor.

The Met’s performance will feature conductors Alexander Soddy and Marco Armiliato and three alternating performers in the role of Mimi: Angel Blue, Anita Hartig, and Sonya Yoncheva. Three men will share the role of poet Rodolfo: Dmytro Popov, Russell Thomas, and Michael Fabiano.